Access 3-Panel Knee Splint



Following medical advice for surgery you may be asked to immobilise the knee. If this is the case the the Access 3-panel knee splint is ideal as it covers the majority of the leg for full immobilisation of the knee in an extended position.


Immobilisation of the knee in the extended position before and after surgery

  • Immobilises your knee
  • Holds your leg in an extended position
  • Ideal for use before and after surgery
  • Stylish black design so splint can be worn outside
  • Helps relieve pain while standing and walking around
  • Straps to tighten the splint and better support your leg
  • Immobilises most of your leg
  • Three panels allow splint to adjust to most leg and thigh circumferences
  • Prevents your injury or condition from worsening as a result of movement
  • Open design at knee makes splint more breathable
  • Available in four different sizes

Size Guide


As with all of our supports and braces we reccommend a gradual wearing in period to improve your comfort as you get used to the orthosis. If you have any further questions please contact us on 07751 370949, or email one of our clinicians at

Size Guide

SizeKnee circumference
4Over 80cm