Introduction to Total Body Orthotics

Do you have a health condition or an injury that is holding you back?

Do you have a disability that makes everyday tasks difficult or impossible?

Do you want to IMPROVE your quality of life?

Then look no further than our website, Total Body Orthotics! We give support where you need it!

But why us? I hear you say!

Well we are a little different than your standard medical equipment businesses because we are made up of experienced healthcare professionals! We have Degrees and Masters in our specialisms and have spent our careers caring for the public and understand what people need and want.

We are a personable company who are ready to help with directing you to what you need to recover from an injury, improve independence, or assist with making activities of daily living easier for you.

Total Body Orthotics is made up of clinical experts in orthotics and healthcare who have worked in the NHS for many years. With our combined experience and clinical expertise, we wanted to design a business that could provide a high quality of care and service to our patients. We have carefully selected products that we feel are the best quality and design, fit for purpose, and are safe and responsible to sell direct to the general public. We offer our clinical services either over the phone, email or through organising a private assessment.

If the range of products we sell looks too daunting to pick from then contact us to discuss your symptoms and goals that you want to achieve so that we can direct you to what products will personally suit you best.

Remember, do not suffer in silence! Look at products that will help you either in rehabilitation and recovery, reduction in pain, improvement in mobility, increased independence and self-care, or just make everyday tasks more achievable.

Living with long term conditions can be exhausting and often bring many different physical and emotional complications. Long term conditions can influence your role within the family, your job, your accommodation, your education and your finances. It can be hard to accept that you now need the support, and, in some circumstances, you may have been given too much help and so feel a loss of independence. Total Body Orthotics plan to continue to write blogs about a range of conditions where we will write articles on the condition itself and how to improve symptoms, independence, and quality of life. We want to educate you on health care promotion and prevent complications as a result of long-term conditions such as falls, pressure ulcers, loss of independence, and reduced ability to socialise.

Research suggests that the people who do best are those who take responsibility for managing their own long-term conditions in partnership with their medical professionals. Knowing what options are available will give you the confidence to understand when to self-care and when to ask for help. Make sure you are involved in the decisions about yourself from the start!

Look out for our future blogs on how we can help you to get the best out of life!

If you have any subject area requests, then please get in touch with us!

Many thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you,

Kate and Rebecca at Total Body Orthotics


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