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Knee Ligament Pain

This is a Moderate / Severe condition.

Total Body Orthotics offer a wide range of Knee braces and supports which are worn to;

  •  Improve pain in your knee
  • Improve function by providing stabilisation of the joint
  • Prevent or reduce the severity of knee injuries in contact sports
  • Aid rehabilitation
  • Prevent swelling
  • Support an arthritic knee

Knee braces are made from a combination of metal, foam, plastic, or elastic material and straps. They come in many sizes, colours and designs.

The 3 bones that meet in the knee are the:

  • thigh bone (femur)
  • shin bone (tibia)
  • kneecap (patella)

These bones are connected by 4 ligaments – 2 collateral ligaments on the sides of the knee and 2 cruciate ligaments inside the knee. Ligaments are tough bands of connective tissue. The ligaments in the knee hold the bones together and help keep the knee stable.

The knee is a very mobile joint and can be susceptible to injury from sudden twists or forces across the knee joint. This can damage the ligaments which surround the knee. These are the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), the Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) and the Medial Collateral Ligaments (MCL). Knee braces can be used post injury to protect the knee joint to aid healing, reduce pain and prevent further injury.

If you have purchased a device from us and are struggling with fitting or wear we also provide free online Zoom consultations with our orthotist where we can provide remote support and advice where possible.

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Recovery Time
Can Vary
Can Require Surgery
There is a wide variety of symptoms for this medical condition.
Total Body Orthotics has a range of products available to help ease you symptoms and keep you mobile and active.

Products for Knee Ligament Pain