This is a Moderate / Severe condition.

Complete Foot Drop Solutions at Total Body Orthotics:

Foot drop refers to the inability to lift the front part of the foot off the ground by contracting the muscles in your shin (Dorsiflexors). Foot drop can make walking difficult and increase your risk of falls or injury. People with foot drop may lift the knee higher or swing the leg round to avoid catching the toes when walking. This results in a very energy inefficient gait and can increase your risk of secondary complications such as knee, hip and back pain.

Foot drop is usually a symptom of an underlying condition and is not a condition in itself. Causes can include:

  1. Nerve injuries, such as; a sporting injury, post fall, following spinal, knee or hip surgeries or diabetes.
  2. Muscular disorders, such as; muscular dystrophy or poliomyelitis.
  3. Brain or spinal disorders, such as; Charcot Marie Tooth, Stoke, Cerebral Palsy or Multiple Sclerosis.

There are many bracing and orthotic options available for the treatment of foot drop and finding the right one for your individual needs is important to ensure the maximum benefits are achieved. Braces for foot drop are commonly known as Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs).

Fabric Supports:

Fabric supports are a low profile and lightweight option for the treatment of foot drop. They usually include and elasticated or reinforced lift which can either wrap and round the foot and ankle or attach directly into the shoe. They are relatively low cost and provide a simple solution for mild drop foot. The fabric style makes it a comfortable and flexible option for daily wear.

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Plastic Supports:

Plastic supports commonly known as Stock AFOs, offer increased support compared to the fabric supports. They pass down the back of the leg and under the foot, worn inside a shoe. They provide good lift for mild to moderate foot drop and provide a more supportive yet lightweight option for foot drop. These braces are usually inexpensive and the most commonly supplied style of foot drop brace in hospitals across the UK.

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Carbon Fibre Supports:

Carbon Fibre AFOs, are a lighter weight and more slim line design than the traditional plastic AFOs. They offer increased support and can be used for moderate to severe foot drop. Due to the increased support from these braces they tend to have a much longer lifespan than fabric and plastic based designs. However, they can be a more costly option. They pass down the back of the leg and under the foot, worn with footwear. However, the attachment piece passes either inside or outside of the foot reducing bulk within footwear and can accommodate for different foot postures.

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Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

FES in the treatment of foot drop involves stimulation of the peripheral nerves that the supplied the affected muscles in the lower leg using electrodes placed on the surface of the skin. This contraction of the muscle is synchronised with the gait (walking) cycle so that the stimulators are activated when the foot is off the ground. These types of devices lead to a more natural gait pattern and reduced risk of trips and falls. These are a specialist device and require an assessment by a registered clinician to assess whether these devices are suitable. They are one of the most costly devices for foot drop, however, due to the more natural walking pattern and low profile design they are also one of the more popular devices.

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Total Body Orthotics provides a range of Foot Drop solutions for a variety of medical conditions.

Total Body Orthotics provide specialist clinics for Bioness based at our clinic: Total Body Orthotics Unit G1, Stockton Close, Minworth, Sutton Coldfield, B76 1DH

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Recovery Time
Can Vary
Can Vary

If you have foot drop, you’ll find it difficult to lift the front part of your foot off the ground. This means you’ll have a tendency to scuff your toes along the ground, increasing your risk of falls. You may lift your foot higher than usual when walking to prevent this.

Recovery depends on the cause of foot drop and how long you have had it. In some cases, it can be permanent.

Making small changes in your home

Such as removing clutter and using non-slip rugs and mats, can help prevent falls. There are also measures you can take to help stabilise your foot and improve your walking ability. These measures include:

  • wearing an ankle-foot brace or splint to hold your foot in a normal position
  • physiotherapy to strengthen your foot, ankle and lower leg muscles
  • electrical nerve stimulation – in certain cases, it can help lift the foot
  • surgery

Ankle-foot brace or splint

  • An ankle-foot brace or splint is worn on the lower part of the leg to help control the ankle and foot.
  • It holds your foot and ankle in a straightened position to improve your walking.
  • If your GP thinks a brace or splint will help, they’ll refer you for an assessment with an orthotist, a specialist who measures and prescribes braces and splints.
  • Wearing a close-fitting sock between your skin and the brace or splint will ensure comfort and help prevent rubbing. Your footwear should be fitted around the orthosis.
  • Lace-up shoes or those with Velcro fastenings are recommended for use with braces and splints because they’re easy to adjust
  • Shoes with a removable inlay are also useful because they provide extra room.
  • High-heeled shoes should be avoided.
  • It’s important to break your brace or splint in slowly. Once broken in, wear it as much as possible while walking as it’ll help you walk more efficiently and keep you stable.

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