Can a support belt help with pregnancy pain?

Pregnancy pain is very common, but it can often have negative effects on everyday life.  Pregnancy belts can be very effective for the management of lower back pain, hip pain, and stomach pain during pregnancy. They are often simple supports that wrap around the back and belly to provide compression, pressure distribution and support of the joints and growing belly. They are usually secured in place with Velcro to offer adjustments throughout the pregnancy.

How do they work?

  • Compression to increase support and proprioception
  • Reduced forces on ligaments and joints
  • Stability of the pelvis and spine
  • Support muscles around the abdomen, spine and pelvic floor.

What do they do?

  1. Reduce Lower Back Pain: Lower back pain in pregnancy is common and is usually accompanied by painful limitations in movement and activity. Back pain in pregnancy can happen for a number of reasons, weight gain, postural changes and hormonal changes. A pregnancy support belt can help to distribute the additional weight in your abdomen and improve your posture to reduce pain.

Maternity Belt | Total Body Orthotics

  1. Reduce Sacroiliac Joint (SI) Pain: During pregnancy a hormone called relaxin is increased. This can reduce the stability around the hip joints resulting in sharp lower back pain. A SI Pregnancy belt can help to stabilise this joint and therefore reduce pain.

Smartspine SI Support | Total Body Orthotics

  1. Reduce Round Ligament Pain: The Ligaments responsible for supporting the belly are required to support more weight and pressure as it grows. This increased pressure on the ligaments can cause a pain across the front of the hips. A pregnancy belt is designed to spread this pressure across your back and abdominals to reduce pain.

Lombamum’ Maternity Lumbar Belt | Total Body Orthotics

Ortel P Pelvic Maternity Belt | Total Body Orthotics

Key Points:

  • Pregnancy support belts should only be worn for short periods at a time (up to 3 hours), as they may become less effective if worn repeatedly over long periods.
  • Pregnancy support belts should not be pulled too tight which can impact blood flow.

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